I went to Dr Acosta in 1986 and got some filling work done. Later, I was in Japan for a couple of years and the doctors there were amazed at the excellent filling job that Dr, Acosta had done. I have been with her since 1986 and I feel blessed! My hygienist, Pam, is the most amazing person I have ever met. When she cleans my teeth I fall into meditation! She has the most divine pair of hands!!

Sashirekha A., San Jose, CA

You must know by now how much I value you as my dentist. I would recommend you to anyone; I can’t imagine going to another dentist unless it was an emergency and you weren’t available. I could go on and on about why that is the case, but I believe you know. From Dr. Acosta to Debbie, the staff is wonderful, has always treated me well and responds immediately to any questions I might have. Well done, Dr. Acosta, Pam, Amy, and Debbie!

Mary R., San Jose, CA

Doc Acosta and team are the most professional, CARING and skilled group I’ve encountered in this field. Since I’m not a youngster; that would include many practitioners in this area and in other areas of the USA & Canada. Great experience and treatment!

Kermit K., San Jose, CA

I hate going to the dentist, Not going to tell a any horror stories here, however I have found that going to a great dentist makes it a lot easier. I’m sure I’m not her easiest patient, but she’s the best dentist I’ve ever seen. I would recommend her to anyone; she’s great with kids too!

Cynthia S., Cupertino, CA

Great as always… nice to see you guys use Net Promoter Score as a measuring tool….can be useful. I’m definitely a “Promoter”. Cheers.

Byron C., Menlo Park, CA

We are new to town and very grateful to have found Dr. Acosta! She is very personable and took time to review our medical history and discuss any concerns. She did a detailed exam and thorough cleaning. We are in good hands should we encounter any dental issues.

Elizabeth H., Sunnyvale, CA

Dr. Acosta makes going to the dentist a pleasant experience. The staff is friendly and very helpful. I highly recommend this office to anyone looking for a dentist.

Stacy R., Los Altos CA

My dentist’s office is the best. I arrive on time for my appointments, and they are there waiting for me, so I never get to read the magazines, and they don’t waist my time. Friendly smiles and a thorough cleaning, and I’m good for another 6 months.

Richard B., Cupertino, CA

The staff is polite and kind, Dr. Acosta is knowledgeable, personable and most important to me– gentle. My entire family, including my in-laws is patients of this office. I highly recommend Dr. Acosta to anyone looking for a new dentist. They are just wonderful!

Jeanna L., San Jose, CA

As always, my dental cleaning was no hassle and a pleasant experience. I’ve never had any complaints about the services Dr. Acosta provides. In fact, even though I’ve moved further away from her office in recent years, I still find it worthwhile to make the drive there because of the high quality of service.

Benjamin P., Menlo Park, CA

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