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dental_office_cupertinoIt is with great excitement that we begin our journey in blogging! Of course, we will bring you the latest news about dental health. We hope to share stories of new technology, oral health issues and ways to make your smile more attractive.

In our office, we like to treat the whole patient. We will post stories and tips that address the health of your mind, body and spirit. And because we enjoy being a part of this great city of Cupertino, we will share all our favorite things about our community that we work in every day.

Please let us know if you have any items that you would like us to share in our blog.


Lasers in Dentistry

You may have heard about the use of lasers in the dental office.  Lasers have been around since 1990, and have greatly improved in quality and ease of use since then.. The laser safely produces a narrow, intense beam of light that can be used for many procedures, depending on the setting chosen.

We have recently decided to incorporate the Biolase laser treatment in our office. Numerous studies have come out supporting the laser in treating gum disease because of its’ ability to reduce the amount of bacteria in the pockets.  Pam, our hygienist, and I have had excellent results in the patients we have treated, and have delayed or eliminated the need for gum surgery in these patients.  Please feel free to ask us if this treatment is right for you.

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