Mission Trips

Volunteer Opportunities

Over the last few years, Dr. Acosta has been especially interested in doing mission work in underdeveloped areas in and out of the U.S. She currently volunteers several times a year in Bay Area clinics serving low-income families. In 2013, she served on her first international mission trip in Costa Rica, treating primarily Nicaraguan immigrants for 6 days. Her husband, Rick, and her son, Joey, came to serve as well.

During her time there, Dr. Acosta worked side by side with physicians, nurses, college and high school students providing treatment for over 3000 patients, as well as education and supplies for dental, medical and health maintenance. She has plans to go back with her daughter in 2016, and provide her services once again. This trip was made possible by the Hinsdale Hospital Foundation Junior Board, the Hands and Feet Project and Conexion Extreme Service.

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